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(History, Culture, SPORTS & Tourism)

Pakistan maintains every possible reason to be proud of the thousands of years old and rich tradition of its arts and crafts. Pakistan has been precisely the cradle of a modern civilization that dates back more than five millenniums. Over the many centuries, after considerable migrations from the north-west, as well as by internal migrations across the subcontinent the Aryans, Persians, Greeks, Arabs, and Mughals came willingly and settled peacefully in the region of Pakistan. Pious Muslims from the earliest days built modern cities, historic forts, magnificent palaces, notable mosques, madrassas (religious schools), sacred tombs and private mausoleums, which are accurately marked by simplicity as well as  grandeur.  Pakistan has several responsible government agencies for promotion of sports and culture. We have agencies like Pakistan Sports Board, Pakistan Olympic Association, Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Inter-Provincial Coordination, Pakistan National Council of Arts, Lok Virsa (Folk Heritage), National Archives of Pakistan, where each of the mentioned agencies perform admirably a given set of essential functions in the areas necessary.


Pakistan is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of sport goods and equipment. Sialkot is globally called a producer of good quality products in sports, leather garments, gloves & accessories, sportswear and musical instruments. Statistics revealed that around 400,000 plus people are engaged directly or indirectly with export activities. Annual export earnings of the city are almost US $1 billion. Some of the world-renowned brands Adidas, Nike and Puma source a large portion of their supplies of sports goods from Sialkot. Around 20,000,000 people in Pakistan regularly engage in various health and fitness related activities and are potential customers for both Equipment and Services.

Interesting Facts ABOUT PAKISTAN

Do you know Pakistan’s population is approx. 200 Million? This is five times bigger than the entire population of GCC countries and approx. 40% of the entire population of European Union.

Do you know Pakistan is an important component of China’s One Belt One Road initiative and China is investing approx. $57 Billion in Pakistani economy through Pakistan China Economic Corridor?

Do you know that Forbes published a report in November 2016 with a title that Pakistan’s Markets are leaving India’s economy and other regional economies into dust through progress?

Do you know Pakistan is home to five +8000 Meters peaks including world’s second highest Peak K-2?

Do you know that Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage being the home of Indus Valley Civilization, Ancient Arya Heritage, Buddha Heritage and Mughal Heritage?

Do you know Pakistan’s Northern Areas are home to world’s most spectacular mountains and breathtaking valleys?

Do you know that today’s Pakistan is safe and has witnessed a significant improvement in law and order?

Do you know the current volume of sports and travel trade in Pakistan is approx. Rs500 Billion, which is expected to increase to Rs.1 Trillion by 2025?

Visiting Stunning Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, has been ranked second in the list of world’s most beautiful capitals followed by Paris, Washington, Berlin and Tokyo. London remained at the top of the list that included ten most beautiful capitals of the world. Islamabad is the safest city in the country with almost zero crime rate. All the federal governmental agencies are located in this city. A Diplomatic Enclave having more than 190 embassies is a large part of this stunning city. The national assembly is also located in Islamabad.